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    NEW Yuneec Typhoon H PLUS + LiPo Flight Smart BATTERY

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    NEW Yuneec Typhoon H PLUS + LiPo Flight Smart BATTERY CHARGER





    for Sale is a 
    NEW Yuneec Typhoon H PLUS + LiPo Flight Smart BATTERY CHARGER.

    Included is:

    A/C Wire
    D/C Wire
    Power Supply

    It can charge the LiPo batteries that come with the Yuneec Typhoon H PLUS +.  It can NOT charge the ST-16 Ground Station Transmitter.

    The product is in 100% working order and in like new condition.  It was taken out of a Yuneec Factory Refurbished Typhoon H Plus + kit.  The product is most likely new or it MAY have some light surface scratches from the refurbishing process.
    I will ship promptly after the auction via USPS Priority Mail which will take about 2-3 days to get to you.

    Shipping will be combined on multiple items at a rate of 50% off after the highest shipping cost.

    Thank you and Happy Bidding!

    product image
    product image
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