HOLY STONE F181 review and app

    Holy Stone produced one of the most popular drones in it’s price range.

    F181 was released about two years ago and it achieved great success worldwide. In fact, this model presented Holy Stone company to western market.

    The drone holy stone f181 is an affordable drone with above average flight time and control distance for it’s price range. Built of ABS elastic plastic that should not break if you crash it from low/medium altitude. Camera is handy and extra battery in package is always a plus.

    One of the few bad things about this drone is that the Camera doesn’t have FPV. You’re not able to see live feed from camera on your controller or smartphone app.



    Flight time : 8 minutes
    Battery type : 3.7 V 750 mAh
    Charging time : about 80 minutes
    Control range : up to 100 meters
    Camera : 2MP
    Features : one key return, headless mode, LED lights


    This drone comes fully fitted with 2MP camera. This camera is able to record videos at 30 frames and take snaps 720p resolution. This probably doesn’t mean much to you so I’ll try to demonstrate it. This camera can’t be considered as a professional camera, it is far away from that. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless, truth is it’s really nice camera for “fun” purposes. It’s not better nor worse than other cameras in this price range drones.


    Videos and photos are stored on the default 2GB SD cardwhich comes included in the package. 2GB should be enough for all your needs. In case it’s not, you can easily insert SD card with more storage space (4/8/16GB). At the bottom of this review you can see sample of video and photo it records/captures.

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