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    Drone Ace App for parrot drone pilots


    For those who want to control their Parrot drone through their phone, you’ll need a specialized Parrot drone app for that. It is obvious that choosing among the many drone apps available is very difficult as there are a variety of things to consider when installing a quality app to control your Parrot drone.

    Drone Ace: A Parrot Drone App

    Parrot Drone Ace app

    Drone Ace is an iPhone control app which offers more features than the typical drone app. Comparing it to AR Freeflight 2, they have similar options and controls, but Drone Ace takes a step further. With its affordable price and host of the feature-rich interface, many raves about the new app for Apple drone users.

    The Drone Ace offers so many more controls than any other Parrot Drone app. You can find different modes to help control your drone excellently. Plus, you can combine your controls to use together, with up to 96 possible control style combos to find out how YOU want to fly.

    Another unique feature the Drone Ace has is its Fling Joystick. The app supports the Ten-One Fling controllers for the iPad, so you have full control over the drone’s Fling controllers. It makes the drone easier to fly instead of using your screen and risking unexpected turns.

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