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    Top 10 Drone Apps for Drone Pilots


    We’ve put together this list of Top 10 drone apps for drone pilots. Whatever new drone photography skill you want to learn, there’s an app for it . These apps work for Mavic Pro and Mavic Mini, amongst many others. There are a lot of drone apps, in fact, and it’s hard to know which one to choose.

    Quadcopter FX Simulator

    Top 10 Drone Apps for drone pilots – FX Simulator

    There are lots of apps available that claim to be drone simulators, but few of them are any good at simulating the real experience. Quadcopter FX Simulator is one of the Top 10 drone apps for drone pilots , because it does a very nice job of reproducing the feel and experience of flying a drone.

    You get access to a number of viewpoints — including the ground — plus a normal camera on the drone and a stabilized gimbal.The controls can be customized and tweaked a lot, and models of a number of different sizes and types of drone are included.

    If you pay $4.99 for the pro version, you get more flying locations and even more customization. Unlike the real thing, however, in this app, you just press a button to return to your takeoff point and repair your drone. The latest version also adds support for Google Cardboard VR for more immersive flying.

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