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The flight plan for the Parrot Bebop is a quiet good tool for this Drone but the camera dont like so much the Cloudy weather. Wind was between 5 and 20 km/h so you can see the stabilisation works quiet good.

The GPS work not very accurate so you really should have a big space for landing. It lands in an area of 5 m diameter but the drone needs an bigger Area for find the right point.

Parrot Flight Plan provides autonomous flight – flawlessly

The final core add-on, as such, for the Bebop 2 is the Flight Plan. This is a software add-on (in-app purchase) for both the iOS and Android versions of FreeFlight 3. What this does is allow you to preconfigure a point-to-point flight on your device before the drone even takes off.

The functionality is very extensive. At each point that you determine satellite map, you can set preferences such as the height of the drone at each point, the speed that the drone travels between each point and any extra commands you’d like the drone to undertake while at each point (such as rotating the drone, altering the camera angle and taking a picture).

If you’re looking to get really professional footage or a first-class birds eye view, you will want to invest in the Flight Plan in-app purchase. At £14.99, it’s pretty expensive for a software add-on, but it adds so much to the drone and allows you to fly it far further without worrying about whether the drone will go out of WiFi range.


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