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    DroMight Anti Collision Strobe Light Set For Yuneec

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    Meets FAA Requirements For Daylight Operations Waiver

    For night time flights with drones, the FAA requires that you equip your aircraft with ‘anti-collision lights’. To meet this requirement your lights need to be visible from 3 miles away on a clear night, and must flash on and off. DroMight strobe light packs use powerful 3 watt strobe lights that meet the FAA’s visibility range so that you can safely and legally operate your drone at night.

    DroMight Smart Mounts

    Put down the cable ties and fasteners! DroMight’s 3D printed Smart Mounts are the safer alternative to securing your strobe lights on to your aircraft. Made of strong, lightweight plastics, their three piece design guarantees that your lights are locked onto the aircraft and have no chance of detaching in flight. The Smart Mounts require no tools for installation, and include a colored button that allows you to easily power on and off your strobe lights.

    What’s Included

    • 1 White LED strobe light
    • 1 Red LED strobe light
    • 2 Smart Mounts for the Yuneec H520, Typhoon H, and Typhoon H Plus
    * Charger not included. DroMight strobe lights can be charged using a standard micro USB cable.


    • Easy to install and remove without tools
    • Visible for at least 3 statute miles on a clear night
    • High intensity LED strobe lights
    • Built in rechargeable battery
    • Colored on/off button matching color of the strobe lights
    • Stand-alone operation that does not require connection to the drone
    • 3+ hours of continuous operation
    • Can easily be charged using any micro USB charging cable


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