sharper image drone app review and downlaod


After reviewing the sharper image drone dx-4, in this article we will review the sharper image drone app for both Android and iOs device systems.

Sharper Image Drone DX-4 HD Video Streaming Drone

Thanks to automation features and ease in maneuverability, With up to 450 feet of control range and 6 axis gyro for stable flight, the sharper image drone Dx-4 let you enjoy a smooth hovering performance.

sharper image drone dx-4
sharper image drone dx-4

You can shoot photos, video with audio with the pivoting camera lens and then stream LIVE HD video to your smart phone for a high tech experience.

360 Flight sharper image drone app

The best app for the sharper image drone is the 360 flight app available for Android by MARK mai and for iOs via luo qifeng.

This streaming drone gives you a birds-eye view of the world using its onboard video camera. Capture video and pictures in real time transmitted via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

360 flight APP functions:

  • Displays a live streaming feed taken by the drone’s onboard camera.
  • Records and stores photos and videos directly on your smart device.
  • Use VR mode in conjunction with VR goggles to experience a FPV (first person view) experience.

Sharper image drone app download for Android:


The 360 flight app is available for download using this link. Here is what some users said about this app:
Amazing This app is absolutely perfect. I got a drone today, on Christmas, and ive been fiddling around with it all day. The app makes the experience more astonishing. I have a DX-4 Streaming Camera drone like the other guy in the ratings. Fyi my guy, the drone has its own Wi-Fi, so yeah. But in all, the app is amazing.
Here what another user said about the 360 flight app for the sharper image drone:
App is pretty simple. Connect to the WIFI on your drone, be sure to forget the rest of the WIFI connections around you with internet so this app won’t disconnect and connect to one of those. Film your videos, take your pictures. Not all files go into your gallery. So what you want to do is connect a USB cable from your PC or Tablet, then run the other end to your phone. Look under your phone folder, go to 360Flight, all of your files should be there. Drag and drop on your desktop and you’re set.

Sharper image drone app download for iOs:


The 360 flight app is available for download using this link.
Here is what some users said about this app:
The DX-4 is a GREAT drone, the VR is awesome as well. When flying, a good tip is to know from start to finish when you first start flying your drone is 9 minutes before the low battery flashers come on. After the battery flashers come on you have around 25-30 seconds to land your drone before the blades stop turning. I found it helpful to take off the VR and land is asap manually if you’re in higher altitudes. The quality is amazing and it works great with the iPhone 6


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