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    Steady Grip SteadyGrip Battery Converter Adapter for

    SKU: 263944130132


    This sale is for the battery holder so you can connect your OEM drone battery. Also included is the wiring and connectors needed to make this work. Increase your battery time from stock 12 minutes to modified 12 hours.

    You will receive everything shown in the last 2 Photos.

    Check out the YouTube Video https://youtu.be/Cw0Ar8bMTaA

    Easy way to convert your Steady Grip to use your larger batteries from your drone.

    Very simple plug and play system.
    No drilling or modifying your Steady Grip in any way.
    Everything on your Steady Grip remains original.
    Later it could be removed and return the Steady Grip to original. 
    Now you can mount your battery externally. 

    You will need your own Steady Grip and you will need to purchase batteries. Batteries not included. LOL

    An additional video showing how to use this adapter.   https://youtu.be/SuHG1gZG1o0

    I pride myself for fast delivery. I will get your package to the counter of USPS and have them scan it ASAP. You will be able to see your tracking updated to “in USPS possession” right away. I am also Centrally located in the USA and near their major shipping hub.

    If paid by 4pm Central Time, I will get it to the post office by 4:30pm and your order will be in USPS sorting and transit that same day. 

    I will be closed for any shipping until December 28th.

    Please understand this if you place your order before than.
    Please after you receive your package rate my shipping speed based on this understanding. (best would if you state in your comments “lightning fast delivery” LOL)
    Your package will most likely not start moving (in USPS tracking) until Monday December 30th. I have set the handling time to 10 Business Days so I will not get any shipping time dings from eBay, but your package will ship much sooner than the date you will be given during checkout.
    Happy Holiday to all the Drone, Photography, and Home Built Aircraft Builders out there.


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