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    Parrot Swing Vertical Take-Off & Land Drone, retail

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    Meet Parrot Swing: the first-of-its-kind Minidrone plane capable of vertical take-off and landing. Swing is piloted in Bluetooth® Smart via the free FreeFlight Mini app for smartphones and tablets.  Fly Parrot Swing indoors or out, either alone or with friends. Perform aerobatics at high speeds or race between obstacles.

    Parrot Swing is the only minidrone that lets you fly a supersonic plane with surprising ease. It’s also the only plane with autopilot and a vertical take-off and landing mode.

    One of a kind
    The unique, X-shape aeronautical design not only gives Swing a cool look, but makes it the only drone able to fly horizontally or vertically.

    Dual flight modes
    Easily choose between two flight modes with a simple glide on the app with your smart device. Quad mode offers easy-to-execute take-offs and landings, optimal stability and ease of use. In Plane mode, Swing can be piloted to perform loops, barrel rolls and other aerobatics at high speed or race between obstacles. Fly at speeds up to 19 mph in Plane mode or up to 11 mph in Quad mode.

    Advanced technologies, remarkable flight stability
    Parrot Swing incorporates technologies usually found in larger drones and is able to achieve remarkable flight stability:

    • A 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope measure and analyze each of the drone s movements and inclinations, while Autopilot helps rectify the Minidrones position.
    • Every 16 milliseconds, a vertical camera compares an image of the ground to the previous one to determine the Minidrones speed.
    • An ultrasound sensor analyzes the flight altitude up to 13 feet. If Parrot Swing goes above that altitude, a pressure sensor controls it.

     Use the FreeFlight Mini app on a compatible iOS 7 or later or Android 4.3 or later smart device to control Swing. The connection via Bluetooth® Smart has a control range of up to 65 feet.


    • First-of-its-kind Minidrone plane capable of vertical take-off and landing
    • Unique, X-shape aeronautical design
    • Fly in Plane or Quad modes
    • Remarkable flight stability
    • Pilot using a compatible smart device
    • Up to 65-foot control range via iOS or Android smart device

  • Dimensions: 13″ x 5″ x 5″
  • Weight: 2.57 oz (without bumpers or accessories)
  • Camera: 300,000 pixels
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® V4.0 BLE connection
  • Wireless range: Up to 65 ft with smartphone and up to 200 ft with Parrot Flypad
  • Speed: Up to 19 mph (Plane mode) and up to 11 mph (Quad mode)
  • Maximum Altitude: Up to 80 ft
  • Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer 550 mAH battery
  • Flight time in quad mode: Up to 7 min.
  • Flight time in plane mode: Up to 8.30 min. 
  • Fast charge: 30 min (with 2.1A charger not included)
  • DOES NOT come with a flypad.  One can be purchased at Amazon for $30
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