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    Top Potensic Drones for 2020

    Top potensic drones for 2020
    Top potensic drones for 2020

    If you are a big fan of Potensic drones, this buyer’s guide will help you choose the ideal drone for you as it covers Top potensic drones for 2020.

    Potensic have been making high-quality smart camera drones for quite a few years and have a wide range of drones from mini toy drones like A20, A30 to smart camera GPS drones like D50, D60 or D80. In this lits we will cover Top Potensic drones for 2020 based on their caracteristics, users reviews and overall sales.

    6Potensic Mirage Pro D50, Drone with GPS and 1080P FHD Camera 5G FPV Live Video

    Top Potensic Drones for 2020 – Potensic D50

    The Potensic Mirage Pro D50 drone is among one of the latest quadcopters that looks like a clone of DJI Spark. Their most popular drones are the T25 GPS and A20 RC Nano that have already found a home. Not surprisingly, the Potensic Mirage Pro D50 drone is relatively new and from an initial impression, it looks like it will become very popular for many good reasons.

    With a very appealing design and a body layout similair to the the famed DJI Spark drone , the Potensic Drone D50 comes with the latest image and video transmission technology, equipped with advanced 1080P FHD 5G Wi-Fi Camera, providing high resolution that help you capture every aerial moment.

    Potensic GPS drone D50 also has more amazing functions, like follow me, altitude hold… and it provides a about 12-15 minutes’ stable flight with your kids and friends.

    With the GPS positioning system, the drone can follow you and track your every move. Furthermore, the latest landing position of drone will be shown on map then you could track it and get it back. You will experience safest and most fun flight ever!

    This means precise hovering position for smoother and steady controls that beginners will have an easy time learning how to fly a drone. Not just only that the Mirage Pro D50 drone makes it easy enough for beginners, it comes with a powerful 1080P HD camera that delivers quality aerial footage.

    Main features of Potensic Mirage Pro D50 are:

    • Built-in GPS/GLONASS systems for precision hovering position and stability, making it an easy choice for beginners.
    • Stylish appearance that looks like DJI Spark, a budget friendly quadcopter for those who wants to have a smart drone.
    • 1080P HD Camera that captures impressive images and videos quality, making it a great choice for camera and GPS drone.
    • Amazing battery life, 15 minutes of flight time at its price tag is very good.
    • Micro SD Card Slot, if you want to save images and videos in its true form, you can store them in the micro SD card.
    • Good remote control distance, giving you plenty of flying room.
    • Easy for beginners to learn how to fly thanks to intuitive and simple controls. 
    • Lastly, the Potensic Mirage Pro D50 drone is an extremely durable intelligent drone packed with features and high quality materials that will last for a long service life.

    Inside the box, the Potensic Mirage Pro D50 drone comes with a remote controller, a battery, a set of propellers, a charger, a screwdriver, a propeller spanner, landing pads, and instruction manual. The drone has a body dimension of 13.2 * 9.6 * 4.8 inches which is around two times bigger than the palm of your hand. Potensic D50 is built and crafted with a hybrid of alloy and durable ABS plastic which gives it overall great durability. It is perfect for beginners because that makes the drone very hard to break on impact and that is a big plus.


    DJI Mavic Mini Vs. DJI Mavic Air Vs. DJI Spark

    DJI Mavic Mini Vs. DJI Mavic Air Vs. DJI Spark
    DJI Mavic Mini Vs. DJI Mavic Air Vs. DJI Spark

    Almost all users agree that the DJI Mavic Mini has comparable features to the DJI Mavic Air and DJI Spark, let’s look to see if the Mavic Mini is the ideal drone for you.

    4DJI Mavic Mini

    The DJI Mavic Mini brings a few of the latest features not found on previous drones. The Mavic Mini also brings a new design, similar to the DJI Mavic 2. The other features include its new ultra-lightweight 249-gram body and 30 minute flight time.

    Mavic Mini is the perfect name for DJI’s latest drone. Just like its larger Mavic siblings, it’s collapsible, with arms that unfurl to transform it in a couple of spring-loaded maneuvers. 

    When it comes to looks, this is a DJI product through and through. The color scheme is gray and dark gray, just like the Osmo Action and Osmo Mobile 3, and its front is adorned with a pair of ‘eyes’, nuzzled under a flat, beveled, angry-looking top-side. It’s one of the better-looking drones we’ve seen.

    On the front of the Mavic Mini is the 3-axis stabilized camera. Out of the box, it’s shielded by a camera guard, which is removable when you come to fly it. On the back are an exposed microSD card slot, and a micro USB port for charging. Above these is the battery flap. Compared to the Parrot Anafi, whose SD card slot is tucked away under the battery, DJI’s design is much more convenient for frequent storage-swappers.

    The Mini isn’t crash-proof, however; there are no obstacle avoidance sensors on its sides, front or back, as found on the Mavic Air. That said, there are a couple of sensors at the base to enable smooth landings, along with a battery meter, and a light, so that you can keep tabs on your drone in the air and keep it in line of sight, even at night. 

    The Mavic Mini’s arms are relatively slender, and we actually cracked one of ours with a 1.8-meter drop – while it still works perfectly, that’s something that wouldn’t have happened had the safety guards been affixed. If you’re a newbie, anticipate flying indoors, or know you’ll be flying in strong winds, it’s worth picking up the Fly More bundle to get the 360-degree propellor guard.

      Unlike some other drone controllers, the DJI Mavic Mini’s doesn’t include a screen; instead it unfolds to hold an Android or iOS smartphone. Tucked away in its body are screw-on joysticks, so that when it’s collapsed the controller has a flat profile, and when opened out it delivers a traditional feel.


    Drone Ace App for parrot drone pilots


    For those who want to control their Parrot drone through their phone, you’ll need a specialized Parrot drone app for that. It is obvious that choosing among the many drone apps available is very difficult as there are a variety of things to consider when installing a quality app to control your Parrot drone.

    5Drone Ace: A Parrot Drone App

    Parrot Drone Ace app

    Drone Ace is an iPhone control app which offers more features than the typical drone app. Comparing it to AR Freeflight 2, they have similar options and controls, but Drone Ace takes a step further. With its affordable price and host of the feature-rich interface, many raves about the new app for Apple drone users.

    The Drone Ace offers so many more controls than any other Parrot Drone app. You can find different modes to help control your drone excellently. Plus, you can combine your controls to use together, with up to 96 possible control style combos to find out how YOU want to fly.

    Another unique feature the Drone Ace has is its Fling Joystick. The app supports the Ten-One Fling controllers for the iPad, so you have full control over the drone’s Fling controllers. It makes the drone easier to fly instead of using your screen and risking unexpected turns.


    Must Have Apps for DJI Drones


    In this list, we have selcted the best must have apps for dji drones. There are many applications that extend the uses for your drone. The DJI Go app is okay, but it leaves much to be desired. These apps help your drone reach its full potential 

    4DJI Ground Station Pro, one of the best apps for dji drones

    DJI Ground Station Pro drone app
    Apps for DJI drones – DJI Ground Station Pro drone app

    DJI Ground Station Pro was designed for professional drone users who want to create complex autonomous flight paths. It’s designed to make the process of creating these paths easier by automating it.

    The user selects an area on the map that he or she wants to survey, and the app automatically creates a flight path that covers the entire area, giving you the ability to adjust the amount of detail that is needed.

    Through its clear, concise interface,complex flight missions can be planned with a few taps. GS Pro will thenautomatically take pictures at pre-set waypoints, providing the accuracyrequired for precision mapping.

    A Virtual Fence feature increases safety andease of use by locking the aircraft’s height and speed within a designatedarea.

    With these features, GS Pro dramatically increases the efficiency ofvarious industrial applications, including but not limited to, aerial imaging, architecture, precision agriculture, electrical inspections, search and rescue,safety control, and more.


    Top 10 Drone Apps for Drone Pilots

    Top 10 Drone Apps for Drone Pilots
    Top 10 Drone Apps for Drone Pilots

    We’ve put together this list of Top 10 drone apps for drone pilots. Whatever new drone photography skill you want to learn, there’s an app for it . These apps work for Mavic Pro and Mavic Mini, amongst many others. There are a lot of drone apps, in fact, and it’s hard to know which one to choose.

    9Quadcopter FX Simulator

    Top 10 Drone Apps for drone pilots – FX Simulator

    There are lots of apps available that claim to be drone simulators, but few of them are any good at simulating the real experience. Quadcopter FX Simulator is one of the Top 10 drone apps for drone pilots , because it does a very nice job of reproducing the feel and experience of flying a drone.

    You get access to a number of viewpoints — including the ground — plus a normal camera on the drone and a stabilized gimbal.The controls can be customized and tweaked a lot, and models of a number of different sizes and types of drone are included.

    If you pay $4.99 for the pro version, you get more flying locations and even more customization. Unlike the real thing, however, in this app, you just press a button to return to your takeoff point and repair your drone. The latest version also adds support for Google Cardboard VR for more immersive flying.


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