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Drone personal loans through Affirm

Nowdays most of drones retailers allow you to get drone personal loans through Affirm with rates from 10% APR.

This allows you to get your drone now with small, easy payments. Just add your drone to the cart, fill our your information, choose your shipping options, and then choose “Pay with Affirm” at checkout and you can be approved in minutes.

Affirm only does a soft pull of your credit which does not affect your credit score. In this article, we will review the Affirm drone personal loans to finance your drone.

What is Affirm?

Affirm is an online lender that provides up to $17,500 in financing directly through its partner stores. It’s similar to a credit card, allowing you to make an online purchase immediately and pay it back it in fixed installments. Rates typically range from 0% to 30%, though 0% financing isn’t available with every store. You typically have up to one year to pay it back.

Affirm gives people small, instant loans for big purchases. You may come across Affirm as a payment option at a retailer’s checkout, or apply for a loan through its mobile app.

Affirm partners with hundreds of merchants that offer travel, furniture, jewelry, fitness and even bar exam study courses. Some of its partners drone stores include Skyboss drones, Dynnex drones and Space City drones.

finance your dji drone with affirm personal loans - dronesloans.com
finance your dji drone with affirm personal loans – dronesloans.com

Is Affirm right for you to get drone personal loans?

Loans from Affirm are convenient when you need to make a big purchase, as long as you have room in your budget to pay it off. It’s not a good idea for an impulse buy or something you know you can save up for.

Affirm may be the solution to finance your drone if:

You Must make an immediate drone purchase but don’t have money saved or a credit card. Affirm gives borrowers short-term personal loans for one-time purchases such as a mattress, furniture or plane tickets.

Have a credit card but your credit limit is lower than the cost of the purchase. Taking an Affirm loan is better than maxing out your credit card, which could lower your credit score.

Are new to credit and cannot qualify for a credit card. Affirm says it uses only soft credit checks and runs its own algorithm to measure a borrower’s creditworthiness. In some cases, the company may ask to scan your bank transactions to check your financial behavior or ask for a deposit, similar to a down payment, before giving you a loan.

Affirm may not be a good option for a personal loan if:

Buying a drone is not urgent and you can wait until you reach the necessary saving. Paying upfront with money you have is cheaper than taking a loan with interest.

Can use a credit card that you pay off in full. If you can pay your balance in full by the next due date, then charging the purchase doesn’t cost any interest. Credit cards offer other perks, such as travel and cash-back rewards or purchase protection for the items you buy.

Pay only the minimum on your credit cards. A loan with Affirm also carries interest, and if you don’t have enough money to pay off your credit card balance, it’s not a good idea to take on more debt.

Benefits of Affirm personal loans to finance your drone?

  • Extra security:Because you don’t provide a credit card number, and purchases are made through Affirm, you benefit from an extra layer of protection against identity theft or fraud.
  • Flexible payback terms: Depending on how much you can afford to pay each month, choose payback terms of 3, 6 or 12 months using online payments, debit cards or checks.
  • No prepayment penalties: Save money and improve your credit score by paying back your loan early — with no prepayment penalties.

Get your personal loans through Affirm and fly your drone now:

There are two ways to get an Affirm loan:

  1. Select Affirm at checkout at a partnering retailer, either online or using the app at a store’s checkout terminal, and sign up by providing information such as your phone number, name, Social Security number and email address. Affirm will perform a credit check, and if you are approved, show you loan offers. Select the one you want, set up automatic payments from your bank and complete the purchase. The whole process takes a few minutes.
  2. Apply for an Affirm loan by downloading the Affirm app or signing up through its website. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a one-time-use credit card that you can use to pay at a retailer, either in store or online. You will still have to pay interest on the loan.

Unlike other lenders or credit cards, Affirm performs a soft pull on your credit, meaning you won’t have an inquiry listed on your report. You could improve your credit with positive repayment history with Affirm — it reports your payments to the credit bureau, Experian.

Once you get a loan, you’ll be notified with a text or email before each monthly payment is due. Choose to pay with ACH transfer, debit card or check. If you choose to pay back your loan sooner, you’ll save on interest and won’t be charged a prepayment fee.

Affirm Personal Loan example:

Affirm says the average customer takes a $750 loan and pays it back in nine months at an annual percentage rate of 18%. That translates into a monthly payment of $90 and a total payment of $807.

Example of Drone Retailers accepting Affirm to finance your drone:

Here an example of Space City Drones financing process.  Space City Drones is on of the best drones sellers offering a good drone financing and drones loans.

if you decide to finance your drone through Space City drones loans you  can opt for Affirm personal loans at checkout.

How it works:


Once you’ve selected the products you would like to order, simply add them to your shopping cart.

How to use Our Drone Financing at Checkout


Choose Affirm as your payment option, provide your shipping details & enter your personal information. Affirm will provide a real-time loan decision. Select your preferred payment terms and confirm your loan.

DJI Drone Financing with Affirm


Confirm your order details and you are all set; your order has been placed! After checkout is complete, Space City Drones will process and ship your products right to your door.


Carlos is a drone Enthusiast and writer at MidronePro. He is proud to share his knowledge describing theoretical advances, applications, and ideas in all fields related for the use of drones for infrastructure.

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